Friday, 5 October 2012

5x50 Day 27. Holiday Time

Holiday time is here! Day 27 of the Challenge to walk, jog or cycle 5km a day for 50 days...

Today, another rest day... still suffering slightly from the last 27 days... planning a run tomorrow before getting ready to hit the road for the first leg of my greek getaway.

Looking forward to completing my 5kms in Zante, should be fun!

For now... it's time for some packing!

5x50 Day 26. Eerily Dark

Final rest day today - although I can't help but feel like I might need some more, my left calf is still a little on the sore side and I've done some damage to my left foot, it's not the happiest it's been.

Still, it's a challenge - and I need to crack on.

Brisk walk this evening, not a 5k, I did around 3k earlier in the day that I wasn't able to log so I'm topping up with this short walk.

An eery walk, all the street lights in my area of Cove we're off... I kid you not, it was pitch black!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

5x50 Day 25. Half Distance!

Day 25 of the Challenge... and we're half distance! 25 days down, 25 to go! day No.2 today, legs still giving me aches.

Aiming for a personal best at the end of the week, before some holiday 5kms. I'm actually looking forward to logging from foreign shores!

5x50 Day 24. Rest Day

Almost at half distance in the challenge! Can't quite believe it!

Rest day to try and give my aching muscles a couple of days to recover, I'm planning an attempt at a PB at the end of the week before my week of 5kms on the shores of Zante in Greece, looking forward to it!

Monday, 1 October 2012

5x50 Day 23. Afternoon Outing. First of Many!

Just as the nights are drawing in my working hours move to early doors 'till mid-afternoon.

Daytime, daylight 5k outings are go! That's the positive, the negative? Sleepy 5kms might be arrive by Friday. ha!

If daylight jogging wasn't exciting enough I hit the streets of Cove today with sporty new headphones and 'Pocket Casts' loaded to my phone, a highly recommended Podcast app for Android. It's the simple things...

Average attempt at a 5k run today. For the first time in the challenge I feel like I need a couple of rest days, the kms are catching up with my legs. Couple of rest-day walks could be on the cards this week.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

5x50 Day 22. Technical Woes

Rest day today. Brisk 5k walk.

Change to my working hours from tomorrow, an earlier start from 7am means I *should* be home at 3... afternoon and daylight runs! Excited about that prospect.

Annoying technical glitch this evening, I like logging my 5x50 outings on Endomondo, halfway through this evenings 5k my phone rebooted. Bah, technology! Thankfully after 22 days of hitting the streets of Cove I know a couple of 5k routes very well.

Might try for a PB tomorrow. Hitting the dreaded Foam Roller tonight which should help in my quest to smash a pain free personal best!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

5x50 Day 21. The Habit is Formed?

Day 21 of the challenge.

This morning I noticed an update on the 5x50 Facebook page, it was a link to the latest blog post over on their website. The blog post really inspired me, I knew the challenge was all about forming habits, that's the main reason behind why I'm taking part - I want to form a lasting exercise habit!

Over on the 5x50 blog Kelly writes "As we’ve already mentioned, undertaking an activity consistently for between 19 and 21 days is known to be habit forming….so….if it hasn’t already happened, then today is the day!"

Amazing! Today is the day that I may have broken through the barrier and into the land of lasting habit. I quite believe it too! I've completed the majority of my 5kms in the evening, last week when I fitted one in early morning by mid-evening I found myself back out doing an additional 5k as I felt like I needed to, almost like by body was expecting it's usual mid-evening trip round the streets of Cove.

I've been logging my progress throughout the 5x50 Challenge on the 5x50 website, it tells me that I've now covered a total distance of 112kms! An impressive distance.

This time next week I'll be getting ready to fly to Zante in Greece for a week, I'm just looking into the best and cheapest way to get mobile data while over there, I really want to continue to log my 5k walk and runs using endomondo.