Friday, 29 June 2012

London Grand Prix becomes a reality?

I must admit I love the idea of a London street circuit holding a round of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The idea has been bouncing around for years but thanks to a Santander promotional event held in the Capital yesterday the idea looks like it could be closer to becoming a reality than at any point in the past. 

Mr F1 Bernie Ecclestone has even suggested that he would be willing to fund the project!

So how would the street circuit look?

Pit lane and the grid would be situated along the Mall, pit buildings created using temporary 'Pods' removing the need for a physical and permanent construction like we see in Monaco, Valencia and at Albert Park. 

The latest 'London Grand Prix' speculation comes just weeks after the hint that a race could be held in and around the Olympic Stadium once the 2012 games have been and gone.

...and let's not forget the under construction 'New Jersey' race.

It really is a great time for Formula 1!


As a wrote this blog post news has emerged of Bernie's plan for a Moon GP, GREAT work Sniff Petrol. Ha ha.

Images curtesy and copyright of Santander. 

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