Friday, 5 October 2012

5x50 Day 27. Holiday Time

Holiday time is here! Day 27 of the Challenge to walk, jog or cycle 5km a day for 50 days...

Today, another rest day... still suffering slightly from the last 27 days... planning a run tomorrow before getting ready to hit the road for the first leg of my greek getaway.

Looking forward to completing my 5kms in Zante, should be fun!

For now... it's time for some packing!

5x50 Day 26. Eerily Dark

Final rest day today - although I can't help but feel like I might need some more, my left calf is still a little on the sore side and I've done some damage to my left foot, it's not the happiest it's been.

Still, it's a challenge - and I need to crack on.

Brisk walk this evening, not a 5k, I did around 3k earlier in the day that I wasn't able to log so I'm topping up with this short walk.

An eery walk, all the street lights in my area of Cove we're off... I kid you not, it was pitch black!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

5x50 Day 25. Half Distance!

Day 25 of the Challenge... and we're half distance! 25 days down, 25 to go! day No.2 today, legs still giving me aches.

Aiming for a personal best at the end of the week, before some holiday 5kms. I'm actually looking forward to logging from foreign shores!

5x50 Day 24. Rest Day

Almost at half distance in the challenge! Can't quite believe it!

Rest day to try and give my aching muscles a couple of days to recover, I'm planning an attempt at a PB at the end of the week before my week of 5kms on the shores of Zante in Greece, looking forward to it!

Monday, 1 October 2012

5x50 Day 23. Afternoon Outing. First of Many!

Just as the nights are drawing in my working hours move to early doors 'till mid-afternoon.

Daytime, daylight 5k outings are go! That's the positive, the negative? Sleepy 5kms might be arrive by Friday. ha!

If daylight jogging wasn't exciting enough I hit the streets of Cove today with sporty new headphones and 'Pocket Casts' loaded to my phone, a highly recommended Podcast app for Android. It's the simple things...

Average attempt at a 5k run today. For the first time in the challenge I feel like I need a couple of rest days, the kms are catching up with my legs. Couple of rest-day walks could be on the cards this week.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

5x50 Day 22. Technical Woes

Rest day today. Brisk 5k walk.

Change to my working hours from tomorrow, an earlier start from 7am means I *should* be home at 3... afternoon and daylight runs! Excited about that prospect.

Annoying technical glitch this evening, I like logging my 5x50 outings on Endomondo, halfway through this evenings 5k my phone rebooted. Bah, technology! Thankfully after 22 days of hitting the streets of Cove I know a couple of 5k routes very well.

Might try for a PB tomorrow. Hitting the dreaded Foam Roller tonight which should help in my quest to smash a pain free personal best!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

5x50 Day 21. The Habit is Formed?

Day 21 of the challenge.

This morning I noticed an update on the 5x50 Facebook page, it was a link to the latest blog post over on their website. The blog post really inspired me, I knew the challenge was all about forming habits, that's the main reason behind why I'm taking part - I want to form a lasting exercise habit!

Over on the 5x50 blog Kelly writes "As we’ve already mentioned, undertaking an activity consistently for between 19 and 21 days is known to be habit forming….so….if it hasn’t already happened, then today is the day!"

Amazing! Today is the day that I may have broken through the barrier and into the land of lasting habit. I quite believe it too! I've completed the majority of my 5kms in the evening, last week when I fitted one in early morning by mid-evening I found myself back out doing an additional 5k as I felt like I needed to, almost like by body was expecting it's usual mid-evening trip round the streets of Cove.

I've been logging my progress throughout the 5x50 Challenge on the 5x50 website, it tells me that I've now covered a total distance of 112kms! An impressive distance.

This time next week I'll be getting ready to fly to Zante in Greece for a week, I'm just looking into the best and cheapest way to get mobile data while over there, I really want to continue to log my 5k walk and runs using endomondo.

Friday, 28 September 2012

5x50 Day 20. Friday Feeling

Day 20.

Almost at half distance of the Challenge!

Friday Feeling today... not the party version, the tired long week version, ha!

Quick 5k walk, the countdown to a week of 5k action in Zante is on! Those will need some serious motivation!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

5x50 Day 19. And the Winner is...

Day 19 of the 5x50 Challenge.

One word.


Northsound Awards today at the Music Hall in Aberdeen, awesome show, great fun too! Post awards? Knackered! ha!

Short and sweet blog tonight, tired and my to-do list still has a few important jobs to tick off. A walk tonight, running just wasn't an option!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

5x50 Day 18. The Wet One

Epic busy day. Northsound Awards preparation is in full swing, the big day is tomorrow... today? Setup and evening rehearsal. almost out pay to my 5k!

Grabbed my motivation and hit the street. First 3kms was great... then came the heavy rain. Turns out running in the rain is almost therapeutic! Soaked.

Another challenging 5k to fit in tomorrow... the challenge is on!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

5x50 Day 17. Space Hopper on the Loose

Day 17 of the challenge, a day that I feared I wouldn't get out to do my 5k!

Over and above the idea of doing 5k a day for 50 days, I've added the extra challenge of doing all of my 5kms outdoors, so no gym. no using the exercise bike that we've had installed on the balcony at Northsound. Outdoors for 5k, everyday till the end of the challenge. I must be mad!

Today? Epic storm. It pretty much kept me awake much of the night, gale force winds and heavy rain. When I looked out through the curtains this morning I was confronted with what only can be described as what I imagine the street of a large children's art school post-hurricane would look like. Yogurt pots, loo-roll tubes, tin foil, juice bottles, papers, cans and milk cartons scattered everywhere. Epic storm arrived in time for recycling day collections in Cove. #naturewin

Some really awesome images floating around the internet from this morning, there's a hole bunch of them right here on the Northsound 1 Facebook page. These are my two favourites of the day, both of Fittie in Aberdeen.

Fittie from the Seacroft Marine's Office. Credit STV/Cal Reed
Sea Foam in Fittie from the Seacroft Marine's Office. Credit STV/Cal Reed
Shelagh Swanson tweeted this image to Northsound 1 of the view of Fittie out her window!
Shelagh Swanson tweeted this image to Northsound 1. The view of Fittie out her window!
The epic weather also resulted in a couple of unusual Jambuster calls to John Mellis in the Northsound 1 Studio, we're keeping these calls for the Christmas tape! Runaway Space Hopper and a loose Trampoline? It could be April the 1st...!

Hometime from work, Epic storm gone. 5k time! 2km run, 3km walk today. My left calf muscle is giving me grief, ice and rest and back at it tomorrow for day 18!

Monday, 24 September 2012

5x50 Day 16. Holiday Monday

Day 16. It's a holiday Monday in Aberdeen!

Holiday means time off from the challenge, right?

Last night, frustrated at my progress, I set about some homework. This taught me a few lessons.

1. There's an almost infinite amount of freely available info online on running and eating better.
2. The majority of articles you'll find contradict each other.
3. Reading any more than a handful of them will leave you more confused than when you started.

That's where you'll find me.

More knowledgable than yesterday but with little idea what to do with it, ha! There's a dangerous combination.

Daytime 5k today, daylight... again! Gave interval training a go this morning, run 1km, walk 1km, run 1km, walk 1km, run 1km.

Enjoyable, if a little on the windy side.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

5x50 Day 15. Progress is Frustrating

Day 15 of the 5x50 Challenge, walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.

Today I'm frustrated.

Two weeks into the challenge and my fitness progress seems to have slowed. I kinda knew this would happen but that doesn't stop the frustration.

If you don't already know from earlier blog posts I took up running back in June. I'd signed up to take part in the Great Scottish Run 10k back at the start of this month. Back in June I couldn't run 1k without stopping! Between then and the 10k I took huge leaps forward in ability while training for the race.

Over the last 10 days I've really started to struggle to beat my personal best 5k time. I keep getting really bad stitches! If anything, I'm getting slower!

This evening, homework. What am I doing wrong? ha! Everyday is a school day!

Frustrated... but happy to have completed a 5k in daylight! It's pretty much always dark when I'm out taking on my evening jogs after work.

Daylight on todays 5k!

Right, I'm off to use my foam roller. Self inflicted torture, ha!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

5x50 Day 14. Harold Bishop, Powerwalk.

Day 14 of the 5x50 Challenge. Walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days. The aim? Change habits for a lifetime, 50 days and the goal of developing a lasting exercise addiction. I'm raising money for Northsound Cash for Kids along the way too.

Yesterday I blogged about the coldest 5k yet, it really was freezing! I walked the 5k my #gammyknee still playing up from Day 12. That's when #5x50 support arrived from down-under...

Best @ Reply. Ever. Thanks Harold!
I walked the 5k today, planning an attempt at smashing my personal best 5k run tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Friday, 21 September 2012

5x50 Day 13. Unlucky for Some?

Day 13.

More or less a rest day for me today after the return of the #gammyknee last night. 5k walk, in a good time.

I did have some motivation though. After a busy week I called into the shop mid-walk to pick up a couple of ciders. I looked at it like my carrot on a stick to get me round the remaining 3k, ha!

It worked!

Mighty chilly though. Might need to invest in some kind of thermal running gear, if such a thing exists.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

5x50 Day 12. Return Of The Gammy Knee

It's back.

It's sore.

It's the most frustrating thing I've experienced since taking up running.

My Gammy Knee.

Back to the foam roller and ice for me!

12 days into the 5x50 Challenge, 38 to go and I've just booked a holiday. Destination Zante in 16 days. There's a bunch of 5k's that i'm gonna need some serious motivation for!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

5x50 Day 11. An Early Morning Hard One

Delighted to announce a new addition to my list of 'running firsts' today, Day 11 of the 5x50 Challenge and my first early morning run! Mighty fine it was too. Cold, slightly damp - really, really tough getting out of bed to get started... but I felt great afterwards!

Nice to get to see a sunrise too...!

Sunrise over Cove
I'm taking part in the 5x50 Challenge to raise money for Northsound Cash for Kids, if you can spare some pennies you can donate on Everyday Hero. Thanks!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

5x50 Day 10. Double Figures

We've reached double figures in the 5x50 Challenge, day 10!

Not much to report, a long day coupled with a red-eye start for a trip to Stirling meant a tough 5k to fit in. Made it though! A close call after an unscheduled snooze on the sofa when I got home, ha!

Aiming for my first early morning run tomorrow. I've not managed a morning yet, fingers crossed I've got another 'running first' to report tomorrow.

Monday, 17 September 2012

5x50 Day 9. Milk Run.

Day 9.

The first of a few busy days where I'm going to find it more difficult to fit in my 5k. Looking forward to the additional challenge!

Tonight, a walk. A walk with company! Over the phone that is, fellow 5x50 Challenger David Walker to be exact. Turns out nattering like 'auld wives makes the 5k pass quicker! Davey is also blogging his way around 5x50, see his blog over here.

I'd like also to claim a time at least 5minutes less than what Endomondo logged. I nipped in past the Co-operative for milk (...and a total bargain, a lorry load of reduced Hot 'n Spicy chicken for a quid, bonus!) My phone was having a moment and wouldn't let me unlock to pause my workout.

Phone fail.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

5x50 Day 8. Olympic Inspiration

Day 8 of the 5x50 Challenge. Walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days!

I'm taking part as a member of Team Northsound Cash for Kids, raising money for Cash for Kids while I tackle the challenge. You can support me via Everyday Hero.

My real hope in taking on the challenge is that after 50 days I'll have formed a healthy, lasting exercise habit. Here's hoping! Rio 2016 watch out. ha!

Plenty motivation for my 5k today. Spent the day following the Olympic and Paralympic Parade through Aberdeen 'n Shire. Fabulous day! I was even lucky enough to get to chat with Tim Baillie and Katherine Granger for Northsound 1.

Tim Baillie

Katherine Grainger

I did try for an Olympic inspired personal best today. Didn't happen, mainly thanks to a killer stitch. Not eating properly today probably didn't help too much either. There's always tomorrow!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

5x50 Day 7. Pedal Faster!

The best laid plans and all that. I had planned my first Parkrun for this morning, didn't happen. Change of plan, the Bike it was!

Route decided, bike dusted down, I took on the Cove to Findon road.

Nice route, slightly worrying for the first mile, a hevily used quarry generates a fair ammount of heavy contruction traffic. Scary big trucks! Few unenjoyable hills too. To be expected I guess!

Back to the running tomorrow. That's after some work fun at the Olympic and Paralympic Parade through Aberdeen. Should be the perfect inspiration I need to have a bash at beating my personal best 5k time!

Saturday coming, 0930, Beach Esplanade. Aberdeen Parkrun. I'll be there!

Friday, 14 September 2012

5x50 Day 6. Missing Motivation

I knew it would come eventually, or do I mean, I knew it would disappear eventually?


It's been a long week, busy at work and jammed with more physical activity than I've done in a long time.

Today as I left work, got home and sat down feeling sleepy. I lost it, my motivation.

I did it though, my 5k. Walked, briskly in just over 50 minutes. I feel great for it!

Tomorrow a new challenge David Walker pointed me in the direction of Parkrun earlier this week.

"a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9.30am at Aberdeen Beach Esplanade"

Sorted! I'm signed up and ready to go.

Shame, I'll miss my beloved sleep-in Saturday!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

5x50 Day 5. Windy

Great news! I've got a new addition to my list of things I've learnt since taking up outdoor running a couple of months ago. See lessons 1-3 here.

4. Running into the wind is no fun.

It really isn't.

Now I know. Shame It's unavoidable sometimes!

5x50 Challenge. 5k a day for 50 days. Raising money for Northsound Cash for Kids - only 45 Days to go then! Spare a few pennies? Donate to my pain here. Thanks!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

5x50 Day 4. Personal Best

Day 4.

Almost a difficult 5k.

This afternoon I was out recording Workplace of the Week audio with John Mellis at North East Sensory Services. An amazing charity based in Aberdeen that provides services to those of us with sight or hearing loss. Hear from Neil Skene and his colleagues, including Paralympic gold medalist Neil Fachie's mum next week on Northsound 1!

Long story short, I returned to the office to find our music scheduler software refusing to play ball. At 5.25pm. Next? A long phone call to IT Support. The entire time I'm thinking "This needs fixed, I still need to do my 5k!" Honestly, I had visions of me slogging it out round the streets of cove at half 11 at night! "...must...reach...5...k...before...midnight..."

Drama over. IT magic worked. 5k done. AND It's my fastest 5k time yet! I'm delighted. My knee isn't so happy...

If you can spare a few pennies I'm doing the 5x50 Challenge as part of Team Northsound Cash for Kids, raising money for Cash for Kids. Click here to donate. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

5x50 Day 3. Darkness

My long list of firsts continues.

Yesterday, my first jog in the rain. Today, my first run walk out there in the darkness.

My knee is getting better too, Foam roller works wonders. It's incredibly painful to use, I do wonder what my downstairs neighbour thinks as I roll up and down my lounge floor groaning and letting out loud phrases such as "ahhh, it's too sore. sore, but good. stop"

Monday, 10 September 2012

5x50 Day 2. The Foam Roller

A few things I've learnt since I took up outdoor running a little over two months ago.

1. Long wet grass will soak your trainers, quickly!
2. There's an astonishing amount of dog owners who don't clean up their dogs crap.
3. Running is addictive.

...and it turns out that I have issues with my right iliotibial band (IBS). I didn't even know I had one 'till a few weeks ago!

Meet my foam roller. The IBS fixer.

This gadget works your muscles much the same as a deep sports massage does, without the associated bill!

Today is Day 2 of the 5x50 Challenge; walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days. Today I walked my 5k. I jogged little stretches, so I guess you could call it a Walk-Jog. Though there doesn't seem to be an option for that on Endomundo. Could I claim it as Interval training? Sounds cool, right...?

I also decided to record an AudioBoo while out on my 5k.

Please support my 5x50 Challenge, I'm raising money for Northsound Cash for Kids. You can donate by clicking here. Thanks!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

5x50 Day 1. The Challenge Has Begun

Day 1.

The challenge has begun! I'm taking part in the 5x50 Challenge as part of team Northsound Cash for Kids. Today we got together to do our first 5k together.

I'm delighted to say that today was my best 5k time! 35'27"

My knee however is now being iced. ha!

Tomorrow I'm paying a visit to Run4it, I'm told I need a foam roller to help work out my Knee issues.

I'm doing the challenge to raise money for Northsound Cash for Kids. You can sponsor me by clicking here. Thanks!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Puncture repair

5x50 Challenge. 2 Days to go.

If you don't know by now, I'm taking part in the 5x50 Challenge to help raise money for Northsound Cash for Kids. I'm taking part as a member of Team Northsound, you can too!

You can walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.

I can walk, jog... and now £4.99 and a little handy work later cycle it too!

Puncture Repaired!
If you'd like to sponsor our efforts you can donate via our Everyday Hero page here. Thank you!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5x50 Challenge is coming

3 Days to go.

I've signed up for the 5x50 Challenge. It's 5k a day for 50 days with the aim of changing habits for a lifetime while raising money for some very worthwhile charities. I'm taking part as part of Team Northsound Cash for Kids, which as the name suggests is raising money for Cash for Kids.

It should be great fun! I'm sure it's gonna be tough some days to find the motivation to get up and out to do my 5k - but - together we're going to keep each other on track!

Why not sign up too? You could even join our team!

You can sponsor me and Team Northsound Cash for Kids by clicking here

I'm going to keep track of my progress throughout the challenge on this blog, on Twitter and on Audioboo.

Bring on the Challenge!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I did something on Sunday...

I did something on Sunday that I never thought I’d do.

I did something on Sunday that I never thought I’d enjoy.

I did something on Sunday that never thought I’d want to do again.

I ran a 10k road race.

Finished! Great Scottish Run 10k, Glasgow Green

I did it, enjoyed it and want to do it again. Who’d have thought! Next year my sights are set on running the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon!

Today also marks 4 days until I take on the next challenge I’ve signed myself up for.

The 5x50 Challenge. Walk, jog or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.

I’m taking the challenge as part of team Northsound Cash for Kids, raising money for a great charity that helps kids in need, in the North East of Scotland.

It takes around 50 days days to form or break a lasting habit. This challenge is about just that.

"A charity challenge encouraging people to run, walk, jog or cycle 5k every day for 50 days with the aim of changing habits for a lifetime"

Taking about changing habits, I've always lacked the commitment to become regular blogger. Today I decided to change that too. Starting Sunday I plan to document my progress on this blog... well if 50 days can form a lasting habit...

Friday, 29 June 2012

London Grand Prix becomes a reality?

I must admit I love the idea of a London street circuit holding a round of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The idea has been bouncing around for years but thanks to a Santander promotional event held in the Capital yesterday the idea looks like it could be closer to becoming a reality than at any point in the past. 

Mr F1 Bernie Ecclestone has even suggested that he would be willing to fund the project!

So how would the street circuit look?

Pit lane and the grid would be situated along the Mall, pit buildings created using temporary 'Pods' removing the need for a physical and permanent construction like we see in Monaco, Valencia and at Albert Park. 

The latest 'London Grand Prix' speculation comes just weeks after the hint that a race could be held in and around the Olympic Stadium once the 2012 games have been and gone.

...and let's not forget the under construction 'New Jersey' race.

It really is a great time for Formula 1!


As a wrote this blog post news has emerged of Bernie's plan for a Moon GP, GREAT work Sniff Petrol. Ha ha.

Images curtesy and copyright of Santander.