Wednesday, 12 September 2012

5x50 Day 4. Personal Best

Day 4.

Almost a difficult 5k.

This afternoon I was out recording Workplace of the Week audio with John Mellis at North East Sensory Services. An amazing charity based in Aberdeen that provides services to those of us with sight or hearing loss. Hear from Neil Skene and his colleagues, including Paralympic gold medalist Neil Fachie's mum next week on Northsound 1!

Long story short, I returned to the office to find our music scheduler software refusing to play ball. At 5.25pm. Next? A long phone call to IT Support. The entire time I'm thinking "This needs fixed, I still need to do my 5k!" Honestly, I had visions of me slogging it out round the streets of cove at half 11 at night! "...must...reach...5...k...before...midnight..."

Drama over. IT magic worked. 5k done. AND It's my fastest 5k time yet! I'm delighted. My knee isn't so happy...

If you can spare a few pennies I'm doing the 5x50 Challenge as part of Team Northsound Cash for Kids, raising money for Cash for Kids. Click here to donate. Thank you for your support!

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