Monday, 17 September 2012

5x50 Day 9. Milk Run.

Day 9.

The first of a few busy days where I'm going to find it more difficult to fit in my 5k. Looking forward to the additional challenge!

Tonight, a walk. A walk with company! Over the phone that is, fellow 5x50 Challenger David Walker to be exact. Turns out nattering like 'auld wives makes the 5k pass quicker! Davey is also blogging his way around 5x50, see his blog over here.

I'd like also to claim a time at least 5minutes less than what Endomondo logged. I nipped in past the Co-operative for milk (...and a total bargain, a lorry load of reduced Hot 'n Spicy chicken for a quid, bonus!) My phone was having a moment and wouldn't let me unlock to pause my workout.

Phone fail.

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