Saturday, 15 September 2012

5x50 Day 7. Pedal Faster!

The best laid plans and all that. I had planned my first Parkrun for this morning, didn't happen. Change of plan, the Bike it was!

Route decided, bike dusted down, I took on the Cove to Findon road.

Nice route, slightly worrying for the first mile, a hevily used quarry generates a fair ammount of heavy contruction traffic. Scary big trucks! Few unenjoyable hills too. To be expected I guess!

Back to the running tomorrow. That's after some work fun at the Olympic and Paralympic Parade through Aberdeen. Should be the perfect inspiration I need to have a bash at beating my personal best 5k time!

Saturday coming, 0930, Beach Esplanade. Aberdeen Parkrun. I'll be there!

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