Saturday, 23 July 2011

Google+ reached 10m users in 16 days

Every now and again the explore option of my Google Reader throws up an awesome article, in this case I just had to share it. If you didn't already know I'm a bit of a 'statistic junkie'

Enter an article from TNW (The Next Web)

Simply amazing stats on the launch of Google+ though they don't translate directly to my personal experience of the launch. I still don't see too many friends setting up home in the world of +.

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Google+ reached 10m users in 16 days. Want to know how long it took Facebook and Twitter?:

Google+ took a mere 16 days to hit 10 million users. By comparison, both Twitter and Facebook took over 2 years to hit that milestone, requiring 780 days and 852 days respectively.

Leon HÃ¥land has kindly put together this graph, which helps put Google+’s hockey-stick growth into perspective, compared to its social networking counterparts:

Read the full article over at TNW

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