Sunday, 17 July 2011

Google Takeout

Google are often known for being the first to champion and launch new ideas and products on the web. Some more successful that others, remember Google Wave?

Fast on the heels of the Google+ launch comes Google Takeout. I know what your thinking; “What a great idea! Now on a Saturday night as I spend my time chatting online, uploading photo’s, checking in and nipping from ‘huddle-to-huddle’ on Google+ I can use Takeout to order Lamb Bhuna, rice and Nan from my local takeout! Right?”

Wrong. Though, I can’t help but think that’s a great idea, specially if there was a discount attached to checking in or ordering through Google+!

Google Takeout is the Google attempt to take on the Facebook privacy issues. In one click you can download all your data from Gmail contacts, Buzz, Picasa and more.

I’ve just downloaded all my data which wasn’t a huge amount, it was easy, asked for my password a couple of times and downloaded in open formats - handy to import the data into other services.

The product was launched in June by the Data Liberation blog. As with any Google product lunch, it came with a Google-esk video.

A handy service from Google? Let me know your thoughts.

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